Forza Motorsport 7

As the Cinematics Lead I developed our content plan and lead our backlog for Cinematics and Character teams. Managed and mentored artists across multiple teams. Owned gameplay cameras, cutscenes, cinematics outsourcers, UI cameras, motion list and overall Cinematics vision. Assistant director for motion capture.

I was responsible for every camera in the game. From driving cameras, replay cameras, cinematics and UI scenes. I had the opportunity to realize a holistic vision for the frame.


Best Racing Game Game Critics Awards E3
Best Racing Game IGN’s Best of 2017
Best Sports/Racing Game Video Game Awards 2017
Best Racing Game Gamescom 2017

I directed, shot, and edited the opening game Cinematics.

I was responsible for a UI based camera system that was systemic across the entire game.

I created architecture for a library camera system that ran across more than 200 track ribbons.

I lead the effort on this keyart image was selected for the back of the Xbox One X retail packaging.

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