I have shot on Bolex 8mm, Arri-S 16mm, Panavision 35mm, Lidar, and many cameras in between. I have created comps for jumbo-trons, interactive Saks Fifth Avenue window displays, AAA games, game trailers, international product launches, and 28,000 pixel screens. Recently I have been immersed in interactive realtime engines.


I love building working prototypes with visual scripts and layout content. Being able to use your product is essential to understanding the user journey. I gather feedback early and prove the hypothesis before polish to focus effort on what the users care about.

Technical Artist

3D pipeline expert, Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Substance, Photogrammetry, Unreal, WebGL, Technical Project management, post production expert, 4K HDR pipelines and advanced rendering. Believer in solid documentation. Game Dev mentality and flexibility.

Creative Lead

Project and production management, process development, artist mentoring, cross team communication, backlog management, program evangelist.